In addition to the Keane and Elliott sagas, I now have three series that consist entirely of short stories. The two new ones, my Sherlock Holmes parodies and the Margo stories, are described on the Writing News page. My third and oldest short story series, I call my Star Republic series, after the fictitious Indianapolis newspaper for which the protagonist, a nameless reporter, works. He specializes in tales of the strange and unexplained and offbeat, which gives him something in common with Owen Keane. And like Keane, he often finds a human explanation at the bottom of a preternatural occurrence. My first Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine publication was a Star Republic called "Rise Up." It appeared in their August 1998 issue. In January 2011, Queen published the newest entry in the series, "No Mystery."

In 2007, a story of mine appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine for the first time. It was called "The Last Ghost of Strachan Island." 2013 saw the publication of "The Mayan Rite," the fifth entry in this non-series series. These stories have no settings or characters in common, but most of them share certain elements: unusual settings, couples in crisis, and female point-of-view characters.

Another non-series story, "The Empty Seat," is my only sale to date to The Strand Magazine. It appeared in their issue #24 and it's a homage to one of my favorite short stories, Saki's "The Open Window."

Another entrée into a new market was my first horror story, "Uncanny," which is currently available in an anthology, TWICE THE TERROR. "Uncanny" was also my first e-zine publication, having appeared originally on The Horror Zine in June 2010.