The Quiet Woman by Terence FahertyMy first stand-alone mystery novel, THE QUIET WOMAN, will be published by Five Star in June 2014. Here's the catalog copy:

"American romance novelist Danielle Furey dreamed of returning to Ireland—but not like this. Not in the company of her ne'er-do-well brother. Certainly not with her ex-husband in tow. Not even with the charming Irish barman Danny hired as their driver, not after she learned of the vengeful bookmaker on his trail.

"A woman of nice resources, Danny has the situation well in hand, until her party meets an Irish tour guide who claims to know the details of a terrible crime committed during the filming of The Quiet Man in 1951. Then Danny finds herself cast in the role of investigator, an investigator with an unusual client: the murder victim herself."

And here's the last line of the novel's first review, from Kirkus:

"This stand-alone from the author of two popular series has it all: great characters, a credible mystery, a touch of romance, a loving portrait of Ireland and even a ghost."

I'll have more on THE QUIET WOMAN when it becomes available.

Available now is The Mystery Company's edition of the latest Owen Keane novel, EASTWARD IN EDEN.  As I noted on the Welcome page, EASTWARD IN EDEN is the first new Keane novel since ORION RISING. EDEN is set in Kenya in 1997.  Keane, who has journeyed to Africa to help a friend from his seminary days, finds himself in the middle of a power struggle in a remote valley.  There's a murder for him to solve, but the greater mystery is whether he will be able to go on living following the disastrous events of ORION RISING.

EASTWARD IN EDEN can be ordered in hardcover or eBook using the following links: The Poisoned Pen (for signed copies; global shipping available) - amazon.com - barnesandnoble.com - indiebound.com - The Mystery Company

2013 was a banner year for Keane.  In addition to bringing out EDEN, The Mystery Company continued to issue reprints of his early adventures.   Print-on-demand and eBook editions of LIVE TO REGRET and THE LOST KEATS joined DEADSTICK, which was reissued in 2012.  Work on the fourth Keane novel, DIE DREAMING, is underway.

These reissues can be ordered using the following links:
amazon.com - barnesandnoble.com - The Mystery Company (various eBook formats) - indiebound.com

And the Keane short story "After Cana" was nominated for a Shamus Award by the Private Eye Writers of America.

This followed on the heels of a Shamus nomination for my Hollywood private eye Scott Elliott.  Elliott's came for the short story "A Bullet from Yesterday." That story and all the other Elliott tales can be found in THE HOLLYWOOD OP from Perfect Crime Books.

It can be ordered using the following links: amazon.com - indiebound.com - barnesandnoble.com

Short Stories:

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine published two of my Sherlock Holmes parodies in its February 2014 edition. Having two stories in one edition of the magazine was a career highlight for me, especially since they opened and closed the issue. The stories in question were "The Red-Headed League" and "A Case of Identity." The entries in this series purport to be from the recently unearthed notebooks of Dr. John Watson, and as such, they represent the true and unadulterated versions of Holmes' famous cases. The fourth story in the series, "The Man with the Twisted Lip," should appear early next year.

Ellery Queen will carry the latest Owen Keane short story, "Ghost Town," in its September/October 2014 double issue. The story is set at a New Jersey shore community during the off season. Keane has been called in to investigate a series of mysterious break-ins.

Be on the lookout for "Margo and the Locked Room," the second of my new series of stories set in the world of 1940s radio (and espionage).  It was picked up by Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and may appear yet his year. 

Still on bookstore shelves is an anthology entitled HOOSIER HOOPS & HIJINKS, edited by Brenda Stewart and Tony Perona for Blue River Press.  My contribution, "The Big Slowdown," introduces a new detective character, Harley Rensselaer, "the Hoosier Eye."


The Autumn 2013 edition of The Baker Street Journal (Vol. 63, No. 3) contains my most recent attempt at Sherlockian scholarship.  The title is "A Case of Paternity," and it's a bombshell, if I say so myself.


Last year, I tried my hand at blogging.  My first effort, about solving a real life mystery, appeared on the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine blog site "Something is Going to Happen."  If you'd care to read it, you can use this link.

And for the past year, I've written a column every other Tuesday for the SleuthSayers blog. Though I'm now moving from regular contributor to occasional contributor, my past columns are available on the site's archives.