Tales of the Star Republic by Terence FahertyBooks:

In June 2016, my latest book, TALES OF THE STAR REPUBLIC, was published by the Gisbourne Press. As its title suggests, this is a collection of my Star Republic short stories, which feature an Indianapolis reporter who solves mysteries with paranormal elements. In TALES, those elements include ghosts, levitating stones, grave robbing, channeling, and phone calls from the dead. Six of the twelve stories in the collection were published previously and six appear in print for the first time. TALES OF THE STAR REPUBLIC is available as an eBook, in Kindle and Nook formats, and as a trade paperback. It can be ordered using the following links: amazon.com - barnesandnoble.com.

My previous book and my first stand-alone mystery novel, THE QUIET WOMAN, was published by Five Star in June 2014. It's been called "a romantic mystery, set in Ireland, with ghost," which both describes the book and suggests—accurately—that it's unlike any other novel I've published. The book had a particularly long gestation period, and in its final form, it owes a lot to the stand-alone short stories I began to publish in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine in 2007. (These are described on the Short Fiction page.)

Please see the new Stand-Alone Novels page of this web site for a more detailed description and reviews of THE QUIET WOMAN.  It can be ordered in hardcover or eBook using the following links: amazon.com - barnesandnoble.com

Short Stories:

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine published another of my Sherlock Holmes parodies, "The Blue Carbuncle," in its February 2016 edition, bringing the total published so far to five. The entries in this series purport to be from the recently unearthed notebooks of Dr. John Watson, and as such, they represent the true and unadulterated versions of Holmes' famous cases. Next up will be "The Engineer's Thumb."

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine published the third of my Margo series, "Margo and the Milk Trap," in its July/August 2016 double issue. The story is set in 1941 and features spy smashing radio sleuth Philip St. Pierre and his reluctant sidekick Margo Banning.

Be on the lookout for "The Hawaii Murder Case," a comic mystery recently purchased by Alfred Hitchcock, and for a brand new Star Republic story, "Infinite Uticas," which will appear in an upcoming edition of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Please see the Short Stories page for a description of the Star Republic tales and my other short story series.

Still available is a short story collection featuring my Hollywood private eye Scott Elliott.  THE HOLLYWOOD OP is being offered by Perfect Crime Books.